Recommended Reading For Developers

Programming Pearls
This book is a great look at programming from a time when memory and time mattered more to people, a time that perhaps should come back.
Pragmatic Programmer
As the title says, a great introduction to the work of programming.
Joel On Software
I have enjoyed Joel's writing for a long time, and am really happy to be joining one of his companies. He definitely deserves a spot on any recommended reading list.
I actually proposed a book like this to Wiley, they didn't think it was specific enough and wanted something specific to Java. I think this is a great book to read and re-read if you get stuck on a bug, just to knock something free in your brain.
101 Things I learned in architecture school
A beautiful book, not software specific, but a great read for designers and software folks alike. Keep in mind that the whole idea of design patterns came from an architect.
Practical Algorithms
A different spin on the classic algorithms book.
The Standard C Library
If you program in C, you should read this book. This is a great walk through of the standard library code.
Applied Cryptography
Main lesson, don't design your own cryptography unless you are a professional. Lots of other lessons to learn.
Programming in Lua
I like Lua, I don't know why, i just do. This book really opens your brain about embedded languages.
Cracking the Coding Interview
This book helped me a lot when looking for a new job. I have to recommended for any developers looking for work.
Object Technology: A Manager's Guide
Nice graphical introduction to Object oriented programming - at least when I read the first version many many years ago.
An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
One of the first introduction's to object oriented programming and still a good one.
Object-oriented programming and Objective-C - NEXTSTEP Documentation
This book is not available on amazon, but if you get a chance to read it, it is well worth your time.
NEXTSTEP Concepts Manual
This is an awesome book. It isn't in print, and is about a system that doesn't exist anymore, but was the bases for OSX and is a great description of a great application platform.