Developing Java Enterprise Applications

Welcome to the website for our book Developing Java Enterprise Applications. This site contains errata, updates and resources that we hope will help our readers. If you have any suggestions or found any problems in the book, please email us at ejava at so that we can update the site.

Code Updates and Examples

JHTML Servlet

This servlet is very similar to the pagecompile servlet described in the book. We have released it under the Gnu Public License. Please use the documentation in the book for configuring the parameters, with two exceptions. First the character encoding is always the default. Second, you must define an initialization parameter called workingDir. This is the directory where the compiler will put .java and .class files by default. Finally, there is a bug in the current implementation that capitalizes all initialization properties passed to servlets included in the page using SSI. The source is included in the jar file. Please let us know if you have any suggestions.

Network Context

This jar file contains a simple RMI implementation of the JNDI namaing services.

By using RMI, the JNDI provider is network saavy. To use the provider, run the server called networkctx.NCS, set your factory to


and your provider url to


This is a beta product.

File Copier

The FileCopier class provides a number of useful methods for copying directories and files, with or without filters.


No errata have been reported.